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Chairman’s Statement


 Despite the lacklustre performance, the    Even  though  the  past  year  has  been  a   including  the  introduction  of  the  Group’s

 Group remains in healthy financial position   challenging period for the Group, we have   Consumer Notebook PCs under AVITA
 with cash and cash equivalents amounting to   always maintained the view that obstacles   brand and B2B/Commercial Notebook
 HK$280 million. The Board of Directors has   invariably arise when one strives for   PCs under Primus brand, both of which
 therefore resolved to declare a final dividend   excellence. This is particularly the case when   are managed by the Group’s fully
 of HK2 cents (2017: HK5 cents) per share.   we actively seek to migrate the Group’s   owned subsidiary Nexstgo Company
 This, combined with an interim dividend of   products mix and business model from   Limited. Having recruited top talents to
 HK3 cents per share already paid (2017: HK5   mainly catering to discount retail channels   head its dedicated R&D and marketing/
 cents) represents a total dividend of HK5   towards reasonable margin and premium   branding teams in Taiwan and Hong Kong
 cents per share for the financial year (2017:   segments of the market, which is now the   respectively, Nexstgo has successfully
 HK10 cents). The final dividend will be paid   Group’s near-term to long-term strategy.   launched  Consumer  Notebook PCs  and
 on 11th September 2018 to the Group’s   Over the past 12 months, such a strategy   Commercial  Notebook  PCs  in  Hong  Kong,
 shareholders upon approval at the upcoming   resulted in several significant developments,   Macao, Taiwan, and Singapore during the
 Annual General Meeting.                                       year under review.

                                                                      ALCO HOLDINGS LIMITED  ANNUAL REPORT 2018  5
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