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Chairman’s Statement

             Though computing devices and tablet               Yet   another facet of our operation and an
             products will play key roles in facilitating      inseparable part of our makeup is production.
             the Group’s evolution and migration to            The  Group’s  manufacturing  facility  in  Houjie
             reasonable margin and premium market              Town/Dongguan  marked  its  fifth  year  of
             segments going forward, the important             operation as of 2018 and it continued to
             role played by our AV products has not            operate at the high level of efficiency, owing
             diminished; AV products still formed part         to timely enhancements and the introduction
             of  an  important  foundation  and  revenue       of the latest automation technologies. Most
             source of the Group. During the year under        recently, such technologies have included
             review, AV products continued to perform          robotic arms that enable us to realise the
             stably owing to steady demand, particularly       dual benefits of reducing low-skilled labour
             from North American retailers for our sound       and consistently producing higher quality
             bar systems, amplifiers, Bluetooth wireless       products. Such extensive use of automation
             speakers, DVD players and home theatre            technologies also allows us to quickly ramp
             systems.                                          up capacity to address demand for existing
                                                               products and for any new products that will
                                                               be launched in the future.

                                                                      ALCO HOLDINGS LIMITED  ANNUAL REPORT 2018  7
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